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Chrisbelle Products Introduction


Chrisbelle™ uses the methodology from US Bio Scientists and Herbalists to formulate active natural properties using Nano-Technology, from plants, amino acids, vitamin, minerals, anti-oxidants etc.


Chrisbelle™ understands the Asian skins, their busy lifestyle and the attacks by free-radicals, leading to many skin problems like, pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles, acnes, blackheads, scars, skin sensitivity, open and close comedone. The oxidization of cells also leads to pre-mature aging.


Chrisbelle™ range of products uses natural anti-oxidant properties (prevent aging) e.g Vitamins A, C, D, DNA, Q10, Green Tea, Ginseng, Alpha Lipoid Acid etc. According to Scientists, Technologists, Nutritionists and Researchers, the most effective way to improve the skin circulatory and cells regeneration system is to strength the skin immune system.


Chrisbelle™ is proud to presents an effective range of products just for your skin, to repair, to refine, to renew and to retain, creating a balance to your soul and mind. The ultimate choice for a beautiful you!

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