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Technologies  科技

Peptide Infusion Technology - 胜肽引导科技


Phyto Stem Cell Technology - 干细胞活化科技


Cell Regulation Technical - 细胞调节技术


Liposome Technology - 卵磷脂科技


Super Anti-oxidant Induce - 超级抗氧化剂


Aromatic Therapy  - 精油支配护理技术

High-end Airless

Bottle & Design


Product Structure-01.jpg

Chrisbelle adopting an airless bottle with high-end technology from Korea, featuring high-quality acrylic bottle design. The airless bottles protect sensitive products such as natural skin care creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, while preventing oxidation, pollution, dirt, and acid and alkali resistance, ensuring hygienic and safe stability. This makes airless technology become the new future of cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging.


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