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Chrisbelle's is the best sacred place of body and soul, bringing you warmth, healing and comfort. Let your fatigue, tension and pain be released, thus discovered origin beauty of your skin through the professional treatment and care of the therapist.

Chrisbelle 身心灵最佳神圣之所,带给您温暖,疗愈与舒适。让您的疲劳,紧绷与疼痛得以释放,也让您的肌肤通过美疗师的专业治疗与护理找到最原始的根源。

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Packaging Design & Concept


Chrisbelle's vitality refracts colors into every dark corner of life, and ignites all the colors to shines on others, bringing all life hopes and colors.


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Dr. Bryan, Chrisbelle's Director of Technology R&D, has 36 years of medical education and knowledge with extensive clinical experiences. He has promoted and educated the medical knowledges to every talented apprentice to become a professional.

Chrisbelle 的技术研发总监Dr Bryan凭藉36年丰富临床经验的医疗教育与知识,并把医疗教育与知识发扬与传承给每一位用心学习的学员们成为专业人才。

Wisdom & Knowledge


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