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Our Story

Dr. Bryan, Director of Technology R&D of Chrisbelle, He's the famous medical beauty consultant in Singapore.

Chrisbelle has a research and development laboratory and production center. Dr. Bryan has 36 years of clinical experience and a deep understanding of ingredient technology and skin tissue structure and is integrated into Chrisbelle's research formula.

Chrisbelle successfully made a break-through of six technologies, and has created a comprehensive medical and cosmetic treatment based on physician's prescription. Based on the prescription of physicians,


Chrisbelle is committed to the development of a new concept of personal [180°micro-rejuvenation] and the pursuit of excellence active treatment and care. Creates flawless skin; regain beauty, confidence and charm.

Chrisbelle is a leading medical brand in Asia with a keen sense of touch, high-end medical technology and innovative technology development, and a concept of continuous improvement and innovation.

Chrisbelle adheres to beliefs and values in order to achieve our goals.


Chrisbelle是由新加坡享誉盛名的医学美容之父、生物美容权威博士Dr Bryan担任技术研发总监。

Chrisbelle拥有研发实验室与生产中心, Dr. Bryan 凭藉36年丰富临床经验,且深入了解成份科技与皮肤组织构造并融入在Chrisbelle的研究配方里。

Chrisbelle成功突破六大科技与技术,独创全方位身心灵细胞调节的医疗美容并以医师处方为基础,致力于研发个人专属 [180°活肤微整] 的新概念并追求提供卓越的活性治疗与护理,创造健美无暇的肌肤;重拾美丽,自信及魅力。




Vision  愿景

We dedicated and committed to providing superior skin treatment, care and solutions through cosmetic science, pursuit to the immaculate skin; reveal young and flawless skin, regain confidence and charm.


Mission 使命

Through keen sense of  touch, state of art medical science and innovative technology research and development, we constantly pursuit for innovation and improvement, our concept is to help our customer to success in their field.



Value  价值

We ensure the use of natural active ingredients and antioxidants certified by international medicine, quality guaranteed and commitment to medical results.


We support training employees and therapists to become professionals, providing customers with unparalleled and outstanding service.


We pursue comprehensive market trends, assume the responsibility of the company, and strive to improve the level of management and system, integrate resources with the American partners and shareholders to bring profits, breakthrough and growth.


以诚为本,以信出发; 保证採用经由国际医学实证的天然活性成份及抗氧化剂,确保质量安全及承诺于医疗效果。





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